How to Respond When Uncertainty Sucks

Several months ago I got onto an amusement park ride I had never been on before. I had no idea of what the ride did, how fast it went or what sort of feeling I would have while experiencing it. I was just about clueless. The only detail I knew was it raised you up high and dropped you whenever they felt like it.

Sounds simple, right?


I reached the front of the line, buckled in and I turned to a girl next to me whom I did not know.

“Have you been on this ride before? What’s it like?”

“Ummm well, it’s probably going to freak you out…but like, not a lot. There’s a little surprise at the top,” she said with a big grin on her face. I tried to muster up a return smile.

A surprise? Like, an opportunity to get off and do some sight seeing at the top? Are they giving away candy or prizes? WHAT IS IT?!

The “surprise” didn’t help. In fact, it only made it worse. Immediately my heart began to race. Thinking. Pondering. Worrying. What was about to happen? How am I going to feel? How will I respond?

Now, why was I freaking out? Because I had no idea what was about to happen to me. The “surprise” awaiting me up top wasn’t helping, either.

At the core of me in that moment, I was suffering from what most people do every time they get on the rollercoaster of life: A great amount of uncertainty.

Uncertainty sucks

I understand this isn’t anything new to anyone who just so happens to be engaged in life in any capacity. If you exist on this planet earth, it comes with a guarantee that a bit of uncertainty will occur. And the guarantee doesn’t make it any easier.

In fact, If you are anything like me when your mind begins to wander on specific aspects of your life that seem uncertain, the sweat begins to form and anxiety rolls. Why? Because we want to control. We don’t want uncertainties. We want certainties.

At the ripe old age of 34, I’m learning something new about myself lately. I don’t like to feel uncertain about certain aspects of my life. I don’t always need plans or layouts, but I do need something: certainty.

But life doesn’t offer us certainty. In fact, life offers us more uncertainties than it does certainties. This is why when you and I struggle with what is uncertain in our lives, we have to go to The Source of everything certain.

Clinging to our source of certainty

There are many times in our lives in which we will be forced to sit in uncertainty. Maybe it’s waiting for the job interview. It could be longing to see if the adoption is going to go through. Or maybe you are just wondering if a relationship you have invested so much in is going to offer any returns. Whatever the uncertainty might be, we are forced to sit there.

What I am learning is what you can do when you are forced to sit. The greatest peace you can gain when you are forced to sit in uncertainty is remembering and clinging to what is certain.

This is Jesus. The gift of salvation offered to us through Christ is the greatest hunk of certainty you and I will ever be given.

Make Jesus Lemonade

When life gives you uncertainty lemons, you make Jesus Lemonade. No really, it’s what you do. We bask in the amazing gift of certainty Christ has offered to us and who we are in him because of this precious gift of salvation which has never more been more certain in each of our lives.When life gives you uncertainty lemons, you make Jesus Lemonade. Click To Tweet

You and I are Sons & Daughters of the King. THIS I am certain of.

But we remember and ponder this salvific certainty not in hopes to become certain of what is uncertain. No, we remember to grow our strength in the certainties also out of our control. The things we may not get answers to this side of eternity, but the things in life in which God is still sovereign.

Trusting God in the uncertainties is greater than my strength in the certainties. Click To Tweet

Trusting God in the uncertainties is greater than my strength in the certainties. In all I can do – in all my strength in the certainties of life and investing all I have in those is NOTHING in comparison to the strength which comes when we TRUST GOD in the uncertainties of life.

Uncertainties are uncertainties. We cannot change them. What we can change is our response to them. We can choose to cling to The One who brings the greatest certainty this world has ever seen. And that changes everything.

Photo by Seth Williams on Unsplash

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  • Totally agree. Cling to the truth – the certainty in Christ. Losing the control but gaining the certainty. That’s how I feel.