Here is a little bit more about me…

I love helping people discover the important parts of their story so they can move forward with the incredible and adventurous life God has for them. 

Over the last 15 years, I have gained experience in a wide variety of settings. Here is some of what I can offer you as a speaker:

  • Teaching in a church. This includes small crowds and large crowds numbering in the thousands. I also have experience teaching to multiple rooms at once by use of live streaming to different sites.
  • Speaking at a conference or event. I have had experience with a breakout of few, or engaging with a larger, more dynamic crowd.
  • Holding a meeting with a small few. Some of the most beneficial conversations I have had over the years have come through engaging with a small team of people looking for direction in areas I specialize in.

Speaking Topics

While I have gained experience teaching on a wide variety of topics, here is where I can best serve you and your event:

  • Your Story – This could be the story of you, the story of your church, company or organization. I believe each of those stories matter. I can offer a perspective and lens you might not have looked through.
  • Your Passions – How do you go about living? What makes your church, organization or culture what it is? Those are your passions. I can help you navigate a way to engage in them consistently helping you make the greatest impact possible.
  • Your Gifts – Each of us have been placed on this with great focus and hard intentioned purpose. Each of us has gifts, uniquely given to us. I love entering into conversations large and small about how you can begin living with your purpose every day.

Here’s how I want to best serve you and your next event:

  1. A Great Experience On Stage – No matter the size of your audience, as a communicator I want the highest amount of engagement possible. I will use scripture, stories, and humor to not only make a point but to keep your audience listening and engaged. I want to be so deathly practical that they leave with at least one action step that will take them beyond our time together.
  2. A Great Experience Off Stage –  My goal is to be the easiest speaker you have ever had to work with. I’m not a diva and never plan to be. I want to be the last of your concerns. My goal is to serve you.

Next Steps

I’d love to talk with you about speaking at your next event. Simply, send me an e-mail HERE. We’ll get back with you soon, and see how we may be able to partner together.


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