How to Share Your Story & Bring Change to the World

Since I can remember I have always struggled in sharing my faith. The word “evangelism”  made me sick to my stomach.

I’ve been on mission trips. I’ve gone door to door. I have even walked people through a survey to get them to answer the question “Do you know where you would go today if you were to die?

Evangelism has always seemed something awkward to me. I used to believe that if I could just come to these conclusions about Jesus “harder” in my head than it would become easier. Have you ever been there?

Despite this fear most of my teen and adult life, we will never be able to shake the call to go into the entire world and share the good news of Jesus. It’s a commandment – not a suggestion. Jesus is calling you and me to “go” into this life to tell the world what he has done.

But what does it mean “go” in the world we live in? The world is saturated with messages of a greater life and even some offer “salvation”. How can you and I communicate the life change of the gospel to a world in so desperate need of it?

The world needs your story

Your story is the greatest evangelism you will ever do. This world cannot fully understand the work of Jesus Christ and what he has done for you and I without us sharing our stories.

The world is looking for handles to grab a hold of. It wants something real, tangible and personal when it comes to the gospel. The message of Jesus coming to this earth to save us is just that – but it comes even more alive when you and I can begin to share our stories not just once of how he saves us, but how he continually steps into our lives every single day to redeem us and grow us into the people He is calling us to be.

This is your story – this is the good, bad and ugly of this life. It’s not always pretty but it will always be beautiful.

Your story changes everything

When I began to think of sharing my faith as Jesus personally working through my story, it changed the way I talked to others about Jesus. My conversations no long started with “What do you believe? What are your stances on this issue?” Now, they begin with questions like…

How did you handle that season of life?
What did you do when that person hurt you?
What was it like living in your parent’s basement?

I became more interested in telling people about Jesus when I became more interested in their story and sharing part of mine. I began framing the gospel through the lens of my life. When we do this we are learning to magnify the message of Jesus.

This is when evangelism became easy. Why? Because I love hearing other people’s story. I love telling my story. I love sharing with those about the ups and downs of my life and how every single time Jesus came to rescue me. This is who Jesus is – our rescuer.

When you tell your story, you share the gospel

Here is the great thing about how God works: He uses our entire lives and story to tell the greatest story ever told. This is the story of His Son Jesus coming to earth and living an unforgettable, amazing and sinless life. It is the story of Jesus bringing life change to everyone he encountered and then going to the cross for our sin so we might have a life again through his sacrifice.

The gospel is at work in your story every single day. This means that when you tell your story you are sharing the gospel. You are evangelizing.The gospel is at work in your story every single day. This means that when you tell your story you are… Click To Tweet

There’s nothing more to fear. It no longer needs to be awkward. Just tell people your story. Your life doesn’t have to be all put together. It will be when you share about the good, bad and ugly of your life that others will see how Jesus transforms lives because they will see how he transformed yours.

You are His masterpiece. He keeps forming, shaping and molding your life into something incredible. But, he’s not waiting for the big reveal. Your being shaped and formed in front of your entire world so that others can see the glory of the Son of God through you.

The next time you find yourself in front of your friends, co-workers, family or a stranger on the street at a loss of words about who Jesus is – tell them your story. Tell them how Jesus is changing your life.

Do this, and you will be pushing back darkness. You will be pushing God’s kingdom forward. Do it. Say it. Shout it. Love it.

Your Call To Action…

  1. Still believe your story isn’t good enough? Get started today in grabbing my free eBook HERE that will change the way you think about your story.
  2. Take the next week and pray about someone in your life you can share your story with that hasn’t heard it before. Let God prepare your heart. Then, go tell them your story. Every piece of it.

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