3 Reasons Why You Need to Quit Control Every Day.

When was the last time you had a really good day? Yesterday? Last week? Has it been over a month?

I’m sure it’s closer than you think. String out your days for me and I’m sure I could find a couple of fantastic ones in there.

Here’s our problem: We have trouble picking out the really good days. Why? Because they are found in the seemingly normal and routine. They don’t look anything special so we fail to stop and notice them.

But, ever so often there are a few grabbing our attention. We zero in on them, find out what works and then put a system in place to replicate them all over again. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Yeah, sorry – life isn’t this easy. Let’s take it one layer deeper – what is the core ingredient to labeling a day “really good”?

It’s exactly what you think it is: We love days where everything goes our way. We fall head over heals for days when we are in complete control of everything happening.

Control?! Yes, please!

I’m about to deflate your balloon full of giddy and joy.

Life never works this way. We may think it does, but delusion comes before pride which comes before the fall.  Delusion comes before pride which comes before the fall. Click To Tweet

Here is a trustworthy saying: Life doesn’t always go our way – because it shouldn’t. We are not always in control because we can’t be.

Life – as you and I know it works better when we’re not in control.

The core ingredient to our really good days in control.
The core ingredient to really good day with God is surrender.

You and I need to learn to quit control- every.single.day. We need to learn to surrender. I know – it’s completely counterintuitive to what the world is selling. But when have the world and God ever been swimming in the same stream?

Surrender is a word we don’t visit anymore. We avoid it completely at times because it doesn’t seem logical to the lives we want. Surrender is exactly what it means – giving up. Throwing up the white flag. Giving in. Quitting.

Here’s another trustworthy saying needing to make it’s way back into our lives: We were made to answer the call to come and die. The journey Christ is calling us on is to do this very thing: surrender.

This is a call to a daily posture of giving up and giving it all to God.

From God’s grand design, we were made for surrender – for our gaze to be fixed upon God and his provision of everything. Genesis 3 changed it all. We have forced ourselves into control.

When we can begin living our lives in the posture God designed us for, it will make even the most mundane and normal day’s something beautiful.When we can begin living our lives in the posture God designed us for, it will make even the most… Click To Tweet

Here is why we need to quit control:

1. Surrender gives us freedom to focus

Beginning to foster a posture of surrender isn’t easy. Control is easy. Control is what we have been doing most of our lives. But control comes at a deeper cost in the long term. We won’t find the lives we thought we wanted.

Surrender’s outcome is much different. When we can live a life of surrender, it will give us the freedom to focus on what really matters in life.

The really good days – the days you and I want are never the same. We hope to think they will, but somehow life surprises us. This is good for us. Surrender helps us to keep the focus we need to recognize really good days even when they may not seem like it.

If we spend our day focusing on being in control – of replication in hopes to repeat it again, we’ll miss one of the great benefits of surrender – joy.

2. Surrender provides the deepest sense of joy

Are you a planner? If you’ve read this far, there’s a good chance you are.

I want you to plan for this: Lean into surrender on the days in which it feels like doing it the least. I’m talking about the really good days that seem to be going great. See what happens.

Let me tell you what is going to happen. Surrender colliding with even the best of days can bring the deepest sense of joy.

Say what? I know – it doesn’t make sense. So, try it. Learn the practice of giving in on your best days and see what comes of it.

Control over our lives only brings contempt, anger, and bitterness. We will not produce anything else. Quit control and play the long surrender game. This is the way cultivating the most joy and greater life experience.

3. Surrender just makes sense

Surrender on the worst days is easy. It’s a natural response to what life is offering. Life sucks today, so I guess I will just give in. I’ll quit.

But, what if we can learn to cultivate a life of surrender on the greatest of days too? In the long run, surrendering our best days makes more sense and should be even easier.

The life God wants for you is less about you and more about God. I know – it’s not easy to hear. Jumpstart your life with quitting control. You will find a life you never dreamed possible.

Call to Action

  1. Where do you need to quit control? Be honest with yourself. Take a few moments to pray, journal and reflect on it.
  2. What is one area of your life you are holding back from God every day? Is it a relationship? Your job? Find something and lean into giving just one piece over to God this week.
  3. Make a list of the benefits you will personally find in giving yourself over in surrender to God every day. Keep it close. When you run into control, it will help you remember why surrender is so important.

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