JWT 011: How to Fail at Writing a Book on Dating

Have I ever told you about the one where I wanted to write a book on dating? Oh, I haven’t? Wow. It’s a crazy one.

JWT 010: Why Exploring My Story Is Worth Every Minute

I haven’t always been familiar with my story. For years, I turned a blind eye to it. It took me a while to believe I needed to turn back and look at my life from a perspective I… Read More

JWT 008: What To Do When Fear Grips Your Heart

There is a question lingering in each of hearts we must learn to address frequently: Do I believe in the person I am becoming and sharing with the world?

JWT 006: The Time I Didn’t Listen to God

Hours before Jesus was tried and sentenced to die on the cross, He sat with his closest friends and gave them a promise. Someone else was coming.

JWT 005: Why We’re All Afraid to Read the Bible

Why ARE people afraid to read the Bible? I asked this question to thousands of people recently. I was fascinated at what I found. Several weeks ago I was introduced to Quora, a tool where people can go… Read More

JWT 004: Why You Should Stop Trying To Prove Yourself

Do you ever waste time? Don’t lie. A few weeks back I spent an evening doing something I am terrible at. Here’s what’s funny –  I know I am terrible at it. It’s not in my wheelhouse. It… Read More