3 Timeless Focuses Your Life Needs

We are winding down January, which means you are likely sick of hearing the words “resolutions”, “goals” or any word associated with the two. Like me, you are probably sick of you or anyone else not keeping them. But,… Read More

JWT 001: Why I Gave Up on Pipe Dreams (and you should too)

(Below’s post is the first in an on-going series called, “JWT” – Journey Worth Taking, in which I dig into a story from my own life and share the wisdom I’ve learned from it.) Several months ago, a… Read More

3 Critical Questions You Need to be Asking on Your Journey

All of us are looking for our sweet spot in life. It’s the place where we find ourselves doing what we love every single day. It’s a place of deep joy and excitement. There’s a small problem –… Read More

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Why This Journey Is Important

We live in a world full of people who wake up every morning to dread. They don’t enjoy their lives. They don’t love what they are doing. They don’t know if they have much to contribute. They don’t… Read More

Welcome to A Journey Worth Taking

To be honest, welcome doesn’t do this much justice. If the internet would allow, I would crawl through the webs of cyberspace and give each of you a hug. That could come across as creepy. I’ll just stick… Read More