JWT 012: What to Do When The World Keeps Swinging

Earlier this week life came flying in from all different directions. I was caught in a thought vortex and not sure of when it was going to stop. I sat paralyzed in my office fearing what might come… Read More

How Your Story Pushes Back Darkness

There is one who wants to destroy you. The Bible tells us he roams the earth, seeking to devour. He is the enemy of the almighty God and will do everything in his power to keep you from… Read More

JWT 009: How to Build On a Simple Habit & Change Your Life

I went years believing I couldn’t be a writer. I had convinced myself I wasn’t cool enough, my words weren’t sexy enough and I didn’t have what it took. I didn’t have the chops. Here’s what changed: I… Read More

The Secret to Stop Living a Boring Life

No guarantees. No warranties. No refunds. No exchanges. No trade-ins. I just made you sweat. We hate being in this position. It drives you and me crazy. When we make an investment in something, anything, we want guarantees… Read More

JWT 008: What To Do When Fear Grips Your Heart

There is a question lingering in each of hearts we must learn to address frequently: Do I believe in the person I am becoming and sharing with the world?

3 Reasons Why Adventure Makes Your Friendships Stronger

Each winter for the last several years, myself and some of my closest friends head out west for some adventure on the slopes. We call it “Bro-Skiing”. Each trip comes with its own set of stories and memories…. Read More