JWT 011: How to Fail at Writing a Book on Dating

Have I ever told you about the one where I wanted to write a book on dating? Oh, I haven’t? Wow. It’s a crazy one.

JWT 009: How to Build On a Simple Habit & Change Your Life

I went years believing I couldn’t be a writer. I had convinced myself I wasn’t cool enough, my words weren’t sexy enough and I didn’t have what it took. I didn’t have the chops. Here’s what changed: I… Read More

How to Find Your Great Purpose In Life

There is a longing each of us has – a desire for purpose. Of every age, size, and color, we all want to feel as if we fit somewhere to do something important. There isn’t a person on… Read More

JWT 003: What I Learned From Doing an Ironman

In 2012, I decided to do something crazy – complete an Ironman race. Notice I said “complete” and not “compete”. There is nothing competitive for me when I’m attempting a 2.4-mile swim followed by an 112-mile bike ride… Read More

JWT 001: Why I Gave Up on Pipe Dreams (and you should too)

(Below’s post is the first in an on-going series called, “JWT” – Journey Worth Taking, in which I dig into a story from my own life and share the wisdom I’ve learned from it.) Several months ago, a… Read More