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Welcome to A Journey Worth Taking – a place where your story, passions and gifts collide.

Hi, my name is Ben Weaver. You can find me serving as on of the Youth Pastors at The Crossing in St. Louis, MO. Most days, you’ll find me doing what I love – looking for the next great adventure, exploring new places and inspiring people to navigate their story so they can live passionately in this world doing what they love.

I don’t believe God does anything on accident. In fact, he does everything with great intention and hard focused purpose which means your story matters – every piece of it.

I love helping people discover the important parts of their story so they can move forward with the incredible and adventurous life God has for them.

On this blog you will find practical tools and advice that I have learned along the way about exploring your past, living your passions and developing your gifts. You’ll also find heartfelt stories from my own life and the wisdom I have gleaned from them.

I’d love to invite you on this journey. I post two to three times per week with an occasional video post. You can receive all of that, including other resources I’ll be sharing right in your inbox by filling out the form below.

The life that God has for you and the place where you are pushing back the darkness and pushing God’s Kingdom forward are where your story, passions, and gifts collide.

Let me help you get there. I promise you, it’ll be A Journey Worth Taking.

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