What to Do When Waiting Sucks

Waiting sucks. Yes, I just went there. I used a technical term which isn’t very pretty and often sharp. But, it’s true. I’m confident hands shot up all over the internet with a hearty “Amen” in the appearance… Read More

3 Reasons Why You Need to Quit Control Every Day.

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If You Want Resurrection You Will Have to Experience Death

Several months ago I attended a conference where a very wise therapist said these profound words: “If You want resurrection, you will have to experience death.” I’m not sure I will ever forget it. I remember specifically when… Read More

3 Beautiful Ways God Is Still Resurrecting Today

Easter week is upon us and the anticipation builds. Within the hearts and minds of Christians all over the world, this week is something special. We remember once again the sacrifice Christ made for us on a Roman… Read More

Why You Need to Stop Freaking Out & Trying to Change Yourself

I met with a friend some time ago who had become frustrated by some of his recent behaviors. He found himself making decisions that were creating more struggles instead of less. Have you ever been there before? I… Read More