JWT 011: How to Fail at Writing a Book on Dating

Have I ever told you about the one where I wanted to write a book on dating? Oh, I haven’t? Wow. It’s a crazy one.

How Your Story Pushes Back Darkness

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Why You Need To Stop Believing Your Story is Random

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How This One Word will Radically Change the Way You Think about Obedience

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3 Simple Steps to Changing The Way You Think About Your Story

I used to have a people pleaser problem. I bought into the idea others wouldn’t like the person I wanted to become. So, I did what made them happy. When you live your life to make others happy… Read More

Why You Need to Stop Believing Your Story is Useless

1698 days ago I completed an Ironman. I finished the race in 14 hours, 15 minutes and 38 seconds. I don’t plan on ever forgetting my finishing time. It’s printed on the back of my finishers medal sitting… Read More